ECOPORTIL-Environmental Protection of Areas Surrounding Ports
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Module 5. Waste Management at Ships and Ports

  • Module 5. Waste Management at Ships and Ports

Ports are in the center of a logistics chain regarding ship generated waste as they receive waste from ships, and they direct them to the adjacent city’s or the national waste management system. Hence the types and amounts of wastes delivered at ports depend on the types of ships that visit the port (dry cargo, oil tankers, cruise and passenger ships etc) and the waste management methods on-board (prevention and minimization, separation and recycling, incineration, legal disposal at sea). In this framework, at first the learner will study the general concepts of waste management regardless of their source. Then the IMOs and European legislation regarding the sound management of ship generated waste will be presented. The types and quantities of waste generated on-board ships as well as the methods for their management and handling in situ and at ports will be discussed. Finally, as the ship at the end of its useful life becomes waste itself, ship recycling practices and norms are presented.

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George Pachoulas