ECOPORTIL-Environmental Protection of Areas Surrounding Ports
using Innovative Learning Tools for Legislation

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Download Roadmap for moving to a competitive low carbon economy in 2050 08_03_2011
Download Roadmap 2050 European Climate Foundation 2010
Download Revised guidelines on state aid to maritime transport 2004
Download Maritime Spatial Planning 17_03_2017 Joint_Roadmap
Download Integrated maritime surveillance 20_10_2010 Draft roadmap
Download Integrated Maritime Policy 10_10_2007 An Integrated Maritime Policy for the European Union
Download Integrated Maritime Policy (IMP) 26_06_2008 Guidelines
Download Green Paper 31_12_2008 on the management of bio-waste in the European Union
Download Green Paper 29_06_2007 Adapting to climate change in Europe – options for EU action
Download Green Paper 22_04_2009 Reform of the Common Fisheries Policy