ECOPORTIL-Environmental Protection of Areas Surrounding Ports
using Innovative Learning Tools for Legislation


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Module 7. Environmental Management Systems (ISO, EMAS, PERS)

  • Module 7. Environmental Management Systems (ISO, EMAS, PERS)

The aim of applying an environmental management system is the protection of the environment through a continuous process of designing, implementing, evaluating and improving an organization’s environmental performance. In this respect there are general, established environmental management systems such as ISO 14001, developed by ISO and EMAS (Eco-Management and Audit Scheme) developed by the European Commission. Furthermore, the highly specialized nature of the environmental challenges in the port area lead to the development of specific and adapted systems to their needs (Self Diagnosis Method – SDM and Port Environmental Review System – PERS). PERS is a good starting point for those ports that intend to fall within the standards of the environmental certification ISO 14001 and/or EMAS.

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George Pachoulas